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DUROX srl Anodizing

Durox Srl, located in Friuli, is a company with over forty years of experience in hard anodizing treatment. It performs technical hard anodizing and titanium treatments on precision mechanical-engineering parts and, thanks to what is a one-of-a-kind system in Italy, on large-size parts, up to 7.5 metres in length.
Despite its decentralized geographic location, Durox covers a large part of central and northern Italy thanks to a dedicated transport service.


  • TREATMENTSHard Anodizing of Aluminium
    Natural Anodizing of Aluminium
    Colored Anodizing of Aluminium
    Titanium Anodizing
  • PERSONNEL40 workers
  • SYSTEMS2 anodizing systems, up to 3m
    1 anodizing system, up to 7.5m

    4.000 m2
  • YEARLY TURNOVER€ 3,5 milioni

Thanks to the synergy between the two companies, the Micron-Durox Group represents a solid and established concern, able to offer highly specialized processes with a synergic and complete approach, advantageous for Customers seeking a single partner able to efficiently manage every requirement in the sector.
Moreover, through our internal logistics system, we directly take care of the transport and storage phases between our two main facilities, without any cost or commitment for the Customer.

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